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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

English - Feedbak

I have learnt a lot in english class so far. I really like the example of finding the NUGGET OF GOLD in your writing, the way you are sifting through mud working for hours and you just find this tiny piece of gold. So this fact of the nugget has really helped me in class.
This class has been great for me it doesn't feel like a class because of the things we do in it. The rules we have are so different to any class in many ways, like you don't need to but your hand up in class etc. I have never really liked english class but this class in great.
What I really like about this class are rules as I mentioned before, I also like the way that in class we can move around listen to music, just feel home.
I really dont know what I wish we could do differently for now but if anything comes to my mind I will update this post in a while and see if anything has changed.
I have never had a blog before and I think this will be a great experience and I hope this will be fun.

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  1. I like how you talked about the rules in the classroom! I also liked how you talked about your perspective of English class changing :)