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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

P.O.V Final Post - Horses


The first time Laura rode a horse I was so scared she would not like it or she would be scared. Laura told me that she was fine and that she was not scared, she decided to call the horse Black Beauty, this was because my son and I had read a book called Black Beauty and we had told Laura all about the black horse in the book and she had seemed to love it. 

Laura could not stop thinking about this one horse. She was annoying me so much going on about wanting to get on that one horse, I could see that laura was blown away by the beauty of this creature and as it ran around, from her face that feeling and she couldn't wait any longer before she could get on the horse I could not believe it my own daughter loved horses (since I was little I always loved horses), laura was making me go mental from how much she wanted to get on the horse. I could not believe Laura felt like she was waiting for life time, It felt like a minute to me. 

We could all smell the horses dung which was making Laura think again, she was making weird faces and blocking her nose from this smell and trying to find excuses to get out of the que as we were getting closer. As soon as it was Laura’s turn in line she was freaking out (she was last out of us three me first Edoardo second and then little Laura), as Laura got on the horse I hear the loudest scream I had ever heard in my life and I got really scared!!!!! Laura got frustrated that she was waiting for a lifetime and as soon as she got on the horse she wanted to get off immediately!!!!! Laura couldn’t believe it. Laura could see me and my son Edoardo galloping across the beach, having so much fun, laughing with the sun setting behind them and all Laura was doing, was sitting down watching. 

When Laura screamed because of the fright she got. The horse itself got a huge fright. The horse moved faster as a natural instinct down wards and scared Laura even more. Luckily a man was holding the horse and calmed it down before anything bad could have happened. Laura got told to get off the horse and had to sit and wait till my son and I finished riding ourselves. As we finished our turn on the horses, we walked up to Laura and saw her crying (still really scared). Laura told me she was never going to ride a horse again. 

Laura said she never wanted to ride a horse again but I could see that she still wanted to and that she still loved the way the were. I told her we had to go back and she wanted to stay, she was just amazed by the way they move and everything about them, Laura did not want to leave but I told her we just had to go. We all got in the car and left on they way back home I was telling Laura and Edoardo all my stories about when I was a little girl and when I rode horses. 

I told them this one story, “When I got on the horse and started my lesson for the first time, I was so happy to be on a horse, I slowly moved towards learning how to gallop and as I got to the point my horse moved so gracefully just like any other horse, all horses move with extraordinary movement, they are friends to anything and are stunning the way they move and their gracefulness. When I had finished my lesson I was so happy and I told my mum that I wanted to horse ride, and she told me I could. So I went with my friends and informed myself about horse ring lessons. I had found the best place and started there.” 

My children asked for more and I told them, “I traveled very often on horses with my family and friends and just the thought like you see in movies the horses mane blowing in the wind as it gallops on the river banks. The way it moves its legs one by one in such a fast movement. The horse is a very smart animal, a horses life expectancy is about 25 to 30 years. The horse's senses are much better to those of a human. As prey animals, they must be aware of their surroundings at all times.They have the largest eyes of any land mammal, and their eyes are positioned on the sides of their heads.” We got home and went to the kitchen to prepare dinner, as we sat at the table as a whole family we talked about horses and from then on my daughter loved horses and she also started horse riding. 


What I think I did wrong was the way I just turned my old P.O.V into a new one by just changing a few things: "I go mad for horses" changed that into "My daughter goes mad for horses". This is very important because it is very important to totally change the view when you change character.

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