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Monday, 4 February 2013

Do I agree with Blogging or not?


Blogging is an online sharing that can be very useful for the English curriculum. Even though I don't use it a lot, I still agree that it is important, as we can all learn from one another and also have an everyday learning by writing a little bit everyday. I do agree with this even though I do not blog very much myself, this is because I don’t really have any ideas of what to post or I’m not so sure if what I want to post will be right.
Furthermore, blogging can deepen our writing skills as we are writing a small or big amount each day. By blogging something each day and also reading other peoples blog we can find out many things about others. A blog is a place for you to write what you want to write and be free in your own opinions where people can write back. You can choose to write personal, school, funny, sad, fiction, non-fiction…lets say what ever you really want to write. As I mentioned before I don’t blog but some days I do have some ideas, though I never know if they are going to be okay. This is what may happen to people who have a blog but never use it. I think English teachers should keep coming at you with blogging and keep telling you that what you want to write is fine; there is not wrong or right answer.

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