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Monday, 4 February 2013

How To Write About Italy


In english class we read a story called: how to write about Africa and fror homework we had to write how to write about Italy (the country we come from).

When writing about Italy mention a lot about food, dancing, cheerfulness, weird English accents, nice fresh ice cream, old buildings.

Always talk about Italian food. No matter what you say about it (only good things, like its the best food in the world) talk about food. How Italians cook it what’s been rated the best food, is it pizza or pasta? Is it margarita pizza or pasta pesto?

In your writing include Mario and Luigi, include the dumbness of some Italians but the smartness of others, include all the small markets along the road with all the elderly selling paintings or flowers, include the small tabacchi shops on the street which are small shops in Italy which sell all sorts of things: from magazines to newspaper to stationary to toys to cigarettes to bus tickets lets say sort of everything.

Make sure you write about the Italian plays and opera singing. Make sure to take your reader to Venice the city of love. Deeply explain a ride on a gondola and the beauty of the street with all the excitement and feast of the costumes and masks.

Talk about the beaches in Italy, about Sardinia, explain the water with such good descriptions he/she feels like they are there living the wonderful moment. Talk about all the mothers’ sun bathing on the nice silky sand as their children as paying in the water having the time of their life.

Describe Italian cultural clothing for men, women and children. Describe the different clothing in one part of Italy and in another, like in the mountainside all the dresses with patterns and in the city the cool new teenager fashion H&M.

Describe with detail all the different kind of scenery in Italy. Grass fields, vineyards, mountains, beaches, countryside, flower fields and a lot more. Describe each place with fancy words.

Always end your story with something to do with food.

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