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Monday, 25 February 2013

What is the What?

At times I enjoy reading what is the what. I enjoy reading the parts of the book where Valentino is talking about all of his experiences in life in Sudan. I don't really enjoy reading the parts when Valentino is in the US, these parts are far to long in my opinion and a little bit boring. In the first book I got confused at parts because then change of Valentino talking about Sudan and then being on the floor of his house talking to Michael. This book is a bit too long in my opinion, I still havent finished it but by the looks of it, it is. I think this book could be a lot shorter if Dave Eggers would have cut out a few parts of the book when Valentino talks for about 30 pages on one thing, for example when Valentino talks about going to this one basketball game in the US and he continues for pages and pages, which get really boring and you have the feeling of just wanting to skip it all. Furthermore I have learnt a lot about what happend in Sudan and I have learnt about what some people experienced in their life's at all sorts of different ages, also when we think about this it is happening all around the world.

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